Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Special Poem

I'm 27 months old and the time has flown by
I love dresses, dolls, animals and airplanes in the sky

I go to camp with mommy and I have so much fun
singing songs, making art, playing with friends and being in the sun

I'm outgoing and energetic and I make friends wherever I go
I'm also loving and nurturing and sing lyrics to every song I know

I'm talking a lot now and saying things like "I love you" and "hey mister"
And in 6 months' time I'm going to be a wonderful

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I'm a big girl now!

It's been a few months since I last blogged and I have changed so much. I have since gotten lots more teeth, celebrated thanksgiving, channuka and new years, given up my pacifier and have taken up reading books. I am also talking so much more now and really communicating well with mommy and daddy. Now they actually know when I want or need something. It's been great! And ever since I gave up the pacifier, I dont feel the need to tantrum and I go to bed so much easier. I also love to host tea parties, to pretend I am a waitress and take everyone's food orders and I love to sing and dance. The Wizard of Oz is my favorite movie and I can even sing somewhere over the rainbow. I am taking soccer classes now and am really getting good at kicking the ball and dribbling down the field. Oh and I still love my music class too. Here are some pictures of me over the last few months. And I promise to stay more current now that I have all my pictures set up on my new desktop.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Some Good Some Bad

I am officially 18 months old and still very tall and skinny. I weigh in at only 23 pounds but am 33 inches tall. Finding clothing that fits me is becoming more of a challenge since I need the bigger sizes for length but then the waist and widths are too big!

A few weeks ago I went on my first road trip with mommy, bubby, zeide and auntie Julie to visit my auntie Arielle downstate in Champaign. It was weird leaving daddy behind but I had such a great time. And I know how much my auntie Arielle loved having us there. We went to Amish country and to the coolest pumpkin patch and we even visited mommy's and Arielle's sorority house, SDT. It was really a great weekend. Then it was sukkot and we had an amazing sukkah dinner at the Burgher's house. The food was delicious but the best part was playing with my cousin Lea Yael. She taught me the best game of ring around the rosie and now I want to play it all the time. We even had another playdate at the mall and we played it again. I love my cousin!

But aside from all the fun and games, I am sad to report that my great-grandmother, Esther Gordon, passed away last week and I just wanted to say how much I love and already miss her. She was so wonderful to me and I was lucky to have gotten to spend so much time getting to know her. We spent many wonderful times together shopping, eating, playing and singing songs and I always felt and knew how much she loved me. She will be deeply missed by us all but I will always be thankful that I was able to meet and know her.

Here are some pictures of me from my 18 month photo shoot, from the past few weeks, and a few really adorable videos. Enjoy!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Growing Up!

Its been a busy month and a half since I last blogged. First my cousins came in from Portland Oregon and I had a great time playing with Elliot and Miles. We got all the Phillips great-grandchildren together with Bubby Rose and we all played so nicely and just had a great time. That same week we moved to Buffalo Grove which kept us very busy. Daddy seems to always have projects around the house and mommy is always cleaning something... or at least she is thinking about cleaning it! I know I make things hard because everytime mommy cleans up one room I am already in the next room making a big mess! But my bedroom is starting to come along and the house is feeling more like home everyday. Hopefully the house will be in better shape soon so that everyone can come over to see it!

As for me, I am getting to be such a big girl. I am 18 months old this week and I am trying to talk a lot more these days. I get very frustrated when I dont get what I want when I want it... especially when all I want to eat all day is popsicles. They are my favorite! I am also taking gymnastics now as well as my music class which I love. So mommy is keeping me very busy :>)

I have also been enjoying the Jewish holidays lately... spending lots of time at shul and with family. So L'shana Tova to everyone!

Enjoy my pics and a short video!